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Farewell Maya Gayler

The two years I have spent here have taught me many important lessons.

I was unsure of myself coming into college, and now I am counting down the days until graduation.

My first semester I looked for ways to get involved and make friends. In November 2017, I was chosen to be an Apache Chief.

My time as a Chief helped me grow as a person. I want to personally thank Murphy Turner for always pushing me to be better each day.

I came out of my shell and learned how to talk to strangers like we were best friends.

I made genuine friendships with people that I will never forget. I now have a community that I can lean on at all times. Thank you for the memories.

After my first semester, I become really involved on campus.

I worked at the Chick-fil-a on campus and met one of my best friends. Then I joined Student Ambassadors.

Now I get to share my love of TJC to prospective students.

Choosing journalism as a career was not my intent, but I am glad it is the path I chose.

I did not begin writing for the DrumBeat until the fall semester of my sophomore year.

It has given me the real-world experience that I needed to discover my love for journalism.

I have learned many new skills such as, layout, editing and interviewing.

Rachael Jennische and Derik Gray do an amazing job of preparing the mass communication students for real newsrooms.

I am now a more confident person and journalist because of my time here.

Journalism is a broad spectrum of careers, I cannot wait to explore all my opportunities.

In the fall I will be attending the University of North Texas, to continue my degree in journalism.

I am excited to transfer the skills that I have learned, both personal and professional, everywhere I go.

I want to thank my family for supporting my decision to come to TJC, and giving me the freedom to chose my own path.

I would also like to thank my boyfriend, Dominic Olkewicz, for standing by me and making us work long distance. It was not easy, but it will be worth it in the end.

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