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Five guys that are worth dumping as soon as possible

Steven Myers

Staff Writer

Are you dating a guy worth dumping?

Is it just me or are couples popping up at every turn?

The other day, I overheard a girl talking about her boyfriend problems. She wasn’t sure whether or not to leave him. It sounded like he may have been acting shady, possibly showing signs that he may be cheating on her. What surprised me was that she was struggling with how to handle her predicament. It shouldn’t be all that hard to connect the dots and dump him today. So to offer some help, here’s a look at five guys worth dumping.

The guy who’s always looking at other girls when he should be focused on you. A guy who is truly interested in you may not stay locked in a dead stare at you non-stop, but if he’s always looking around at other girls, that’s a red flag. If he glances, this is good. Situational awareness of what’s happening around you is his way of being the protector and taking care of you. However, if he has a regular habit of spending too much time watching girls walk by when he should be paying attention to what you’re saying, dump him.

The guy who’s always too busy. People make time for the things they care about the most. This includes school, work, video games, friends and you. Give him some grace, he has to go to work, he has to go to school, he has to do homework; these are good signs that he’s not a bum. Also, he needs time “with the boys” every now and then. I’m not talking about those guys who work hard, I’m talking about the guys who never seem to have time for you; that never intentionally, purposefully makes time to make you a priority. If you’re constantly begging for his attention, this is likely an ego trip and a sign he is a self-centered egomaniac. Dump him today.

The guy who likes to keep your relationship “hush-hush.” There is wisdom in moving slowly. For example, the guy may be moving slowly in order to protect you emotionally, instead of tying up your emotions in a relationship and may be trying to get to know you a little better first. I’m not talking about that guy. I’m talking about the guy who’s been kissing you in private, dating you in private, holding your hand in private, but when others come around, he suddenly puts distance between him and you. While it’s okay to save some of the PDA for personal times, a guy who will hold your hand, kiss you, but never admit he’s with you is a guy worth dumping today.

The liar. Now you may think to yourself, “He never lies to me.” Let me ask you this, how often does he lie to others? What does he lie about? Is he a person who lies often? Well, if he’s someone who is comfortable regularly lying to others, there’s a good chance he will or has lied to you. Liars aren’t trustworthy, and what is a relationship without trust? Dump him today.

The flirt. It’s important that you not confuse his kindness towards others with flirtation, you don’t want paranoia to run your relationship, but the guys who regularly flirt are the guys who are not as interested in you as they are in how the relationship makes them feel. Essentially, they are using you for personal gratification; he’s made your shared relationship all about himself. Dump him today.

Red flags are out there, they can’t be hidden, but our feelings make them very hard to see. I’m not talking about finding the fairy tale prince, I’m simply saying that there comes a time to face the music and set that frog free.

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