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Fools rush in: The “Modern-Day” Relationship


     College students don’t look at romance as a lengthy court­ship. Students don’t seem to realize the risks associated with the quick and disregarded celibacy in today’s modern relationship. It can lead to unplanned pregnancies that can put a large hold on future plans, and lead to life shattering diseases and staggering emotional distress.

     Shows like “Sixteen and Pregnant” or “Teen Mom” are prime examples of how sexual irresponsibility and courtless rela­tionships lead to more than one-night stands. Students who are working towards starting adult lives and getting an education to better their future can suddenly see all that hard work ultimately shattered or become more complicated because of unplanned pregnancy. It’s unbelievably demanding raising a child, but near impossible taking care of a baby while juggling school and work. Unplanned pregnancies, especially with a partner who was barely known, can lead to patched-up marriages that in the long run could result in disappointments.

     Promiscuous relationships can also have life-affecting con­sequences. Being with partners that aren’t well known and not using contraceptives can result in sexually transmitted diseases. Most students don’t seem to realize how common STDs are, and they seem to think that it will never happen to them. No one is immune from STDs. They can affect everyone. Not only will the person contracting the STD be hurt, but also their family and any future romance could be permanently put on hold. Although they can be extremely deadly and ruin lives, they are 100 percent preventable.

     Moving too fast in a relationship can also result in emo­tional problems. The heart, figuratively speaking, is fragile, and moving from partner to partner can have grim consequences on the psyche. Many students connect emotionally with their part­ners when they’re in a relationship, but if one of those partners isn’t serious or they move too fast, there can be negative emo­tional consequences. In most cases the emotional effects of rela­tionships have a bigger impression than the physical effects and everyone can get hurt from moving too fast.

     It seems that the magic and romance that used to be in re­lationships is no longer expected. Most of the time there is no courting or dating. Students need to realize that physical rela­tionships can have many consequences and the modern romanc­es in today’s time, even though they are popular, should be taken with much caution. Just because the students are now in college and have much more freedom, they still need to be careful with whom they are around and how they handle themselves. Even if love is in the air, it should be taken with extreme carefulness because one careless decision can lead to a lifetime of doubt and hurt.

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