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From total obsession to total madness


We all dream of that perfect body; girl or guy. Admit it, you want that. But what exactly is the perfect body? It’s different in everyone’s eyes. In guy’s eyes they want to see a girl that looks like a Victoria Secret model, not a girl that eats her feelings away and shows it. For girls, they want the guys to have a tan, be built, and tall. Why are we all striving for this so called “perfect” body?

Falling for lust is something that most college students do, and it normally never turns out the best. Think about how people will look when they are older, lust will more than likely not be there anymore. So go for the wonderful personality you love, not the perfect body. 

Being healthy is important, it helps you live a much longer and happier life, but being healthy is different for everyone. Just like how everyone has different traits. Don’t strive for the society’s idea of healthy, find where you stand and reach your own goal. 

Another idea of the perfect body is to have the confidence in what you wear and to show what you have, appropriately. Boosting your confidence will make you feel like you have your own perfect body, don’t be shy about yourself. In order for you to find that perfect body of yours, you can’t look at other people and strive for their body. 

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