I remember standing in front of the mirror. Trembling at the knees. Sweaty palms as I said “Bloody Mary. Blood Mary…”  and screamed running out the bathroom door. 

I remember being scared to let my feet hang over the bed in fears that something may drag me under the bed and eat me alive.

My parents used scare tactics while I was growing up. I couldn’t do anything without el cucuy coming after me (the Spanish version of the boogieman). I was brought up in a time where ghosts, ghouls, and goblins were no joke.  Poltergeist made me never want to get braces, and Freddy Krueger made me pull an all-nighter more times than I can remember.

Now however people want to read fiction books about how despite the basic need to feed on human blood, vampire Edward refused to feed on Bella. The love that was so powerful it caused a supernatural effect. It’s the same reason why women watch romantic comedies and read harlequins. We are all looking for a love that engulfs us completely and causes a physical reaction.

I say all but it might just be some.

The idea of these monsters were to scare us not cause us to want to sleep with them. It’s a fad yet again. We are only partly to blame. Hollywood has only glamorized this idea for the longest. They cast incredibly gorgeous actors to play vampires and werewolves in movies and  TV series.  I too am guilty of subscribing to HBO just so I can watch True Blood. 

People take these fads to the extreme. It’s the same reason why people with a Youtube account can be famous overnight. Rebecca Black is no amazing vocalist just a Youtube sensation with auto tone. 

On http://www.starpulse.com, they wrote a web story Vampires: Why the obsession? The story even goes so far to explain that “people are drawn to vampires simply because they aren’t human. Vampires present a world that is so unlike our own sense of reality.” 

It’s a means of escape where some jog to escape other imagine they are in Forks, Washington. The town The Twilight series takes place.

This recent obsession has even caused a new signs of affection.

On CNN.com, an intern wrote a web story called “Bite marks the new Hickey? Since vampire mania took hold of the world a few years back, teens throughout the country have been showing affection through biting each other.”

Really!? Biting.

Do I even have to explain how incredibly unappealing that sounds? People have a tendency of taking things way to far. I’m all for the idea of getting lost in a story. Being completely engulfed in a book that you can wait to turn the page, but acting like a vampire is ridiculous.

This Halloween enjoy yourself but for all of you that are Team Edward, Team Jacob I hope you realize it’s mythical. And for those of you looking to make Bon Temps, LA from the popular tv series True Blood your home. Good luck. It doesn’t exist.      

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