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Give Santa the bird…

Halloween is finally over, and now that I have had my fill of the kids candy, it is time to get to my favorite holiday. The one where the whole family gets together and fight over the last piece of sweet potato pie. That’s right, Turkey Day.

I love eating the bird and gorging myself on deviled eggs and Grandma’s famous pecan pie. I also teach my kids the meaning behind Thanksgiving. Now, you are probably asking, “Great! What is his problem with Thanksgiving?” Not a (expletive deleted) thing.

This is my problem: Thanksgiving is the only major (expletive deleted) holiday that the stores seem to forget. How are my children supposed to concentrate on the meaning of giving thanks if the first thing they see in the store after Halloween is (expletive deleted) Christmas stuff. What about the spirit of Thanksgiving?

I know we have the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and the anticipated Dallas Cowboy game, but it is the stores that seem to have forgotten about it. All they can think about is getting their Christmas (expletive deleted) out on the rack. This means when I take my kids to the store to get prepared for the famous Thanksgiving Day celebrations, all I hear is “Daddy I want this, and that, and this, and that.” Give me a (expletive deleted) break.

Where are all the Thanksgiving decorations? My kids make turkeys and paint pictures of Indians and Pilgrims at school.  I think the stores should at least have some kind of decorations and activities we can do as families for this delicious holiday. I want some (expletive deleted) things to do with the kids to better help them understand this wonderful holiday.

Thanksgiving is one the select few American holidays we celebrate, yet it gets very little exposure in stores except for the deal directly with interior design. I mean really, if you think about it, most of the other holidays actually have ulterior motives for celebrating. Christmas is for the gifts, Fourth of July is for the fireworks, and St. Patricks day is for drinking.  What do we do for Thanksgiving? We give our thanks for the people around us and everything that we have.

Before you start using expletive deleted phrases and gestures toward me, I know that a lot of people celebrate these holidays for their intended purposes and not just for material things. But come on! Christmas has fifty cartoons and hundreds of movies while Thanksgiving has Charlie Brown. For those of you who really want to know what Thanksgiving is about, watch that (expletive deleted) cartoon. Linus knows his stuff.

I love all holidays, and I enjoy celebrating them. I love watching my kids decorating for whatever holiday, and I always try to teach them the true meaning of them. Christmas is not about presents. Halloween is not about candy. For us Irish however, St. Patrick is not about green (expletive deleted) beer. This is why all holidays need the same amount of exposure.

So what I say is “Stand up and let’s give jolly old Kris Kringle the bird. Give me my (expletive deleted) Turkey Day a moment in the sunshine.” Stand up with your cranberry sauce in hand, and give Thanksgiving a chance.


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