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Growing up never seemed so hard…

     Let’s face it everyone, the word on the street is that a lot happens in college. People get drunk, party way too much, have unprotected sex and, did I mention, get high? But with all of the extra perks that come along with the college experience at “big kid” school, I haven’t heard much about actually learning. What’s up with that?

     I must say, I’m a bit of a dork when this new up-and-coming generation comes to mind. My general idea of having fun doesn’t include mornings of migraines and nights of nausea. Sorry, I just wasn’t raised that way. Whatever happened to the kind of college students who were respected for actually trying to get an education and not for achieving a momentary high before class? Yes, there have been instances of students showing up to class as high as a kite and no, they never got the chance to walk the stage at graduation. Frankly, they probably couldn’t even spell it!

     What sort of role models are we becoming to high school students? What sort of environments are we making for those who come to actually learn? Personally, if you have some other motive behind all the madness, why even bother? Quit while you are ahead.

     We come here to better ourselves, and to become leading individuals in our community, who knows maybe even the world. Our college speaks of three promises: a quality education, vibrant student life and community service, so I only think it’s natural that we respect, follow and honor them.

     We can’t afford to let our morals and character fall through the cracks for the sake of adulthood and that “I can do what I want now” attitude. If you don’t have a clear vision for your life, then what do you have? I’ll tell you, absolutely nothing.

     There are actually students out there, like myself, who want to be something in life and go somewhere but frankly, we could do without all the unnecessary attitude, language and sexual obscenity. That’s what the club is for, not a college campus.

     You have to learn the difference between saying you are an adult and actually being one. Perhaps practicing a little responsibility won’t hurt too much either.

     It’s time to grow up and put on our big boy and girl pants. The choice is yours to make but just a friendly reminder, immaturity always comes back to bite you in the butt, eventually. You better be able to run because you’ll be running the rest of your life.

     Is that honestly what you want?

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