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Hitting it rich at teens expense

“Teen mom and 16 & Pregnant” are TV shows that are supposed to portray the life of being pregnant as a teenager. Long, hard, and exhausting in most cases. However, it seems that after their season is over they glamorize the idea of being pregnant by telling the world how much money they received. That’s completely hypocritical. By glamorizing the idea of being pregnant, teenagers that watch this type of show are influenced to get pregnant young.

There has always been a theory that what you watch on TV is how you become. Watching a pregnancy show at a young age can possibly contribute to sexual activity in the future. Think of a younger sister that watches these shows unknowingly or as with her sibling. They are being influenced to become pregnant young so they get some extra cash.

The perspective changes on society when shows like this enhance what we have always learned is time consuming and a big mistake while young. The big idea of this show has a good principle, but after the season is over, getting showered with money does not seem like true reality. They are getting money for a mistake they made that most people will not get.

Why not have shows about a couple trying to have their first kid together, now that would be more like reality without setting a bad influence. Normal teen mothers would be embarrassed to have a TV camera following them everywhere they went during this time. With this show being considered reality, the teen mothers should not be getting the amount of money that they are getting.  

These shows about the “true reality” of being a young mother should either not glamorize the amount of money they get or not give them the money at all. Make it about the mother wanting young girls to not make her same mistake, not be on TV and get attention and cash over a mistake.

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