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Reviewing Stanley and Hydro Flask

Stanley and Hydro Flask have been the talk of the social media for quite a while. Back in 2020, there was a trend that involved Hydro Flasks on TikTok. This became my small East Texas school’s No. 1 trend. Every girl had a cute Hydro flask with a bunch of stickers on them. Stanley became a trend in 2022 via TikTok, as well. Girls became obsessed with the aesthetic of Stanley and the color variety. 

The brand Stanley was founded in 1913 by William Stanley Jr. Stanley is a water bottle company most known for their vacuum-sealed insulated water bottles. They were mostly used for camping and traveling. The most popular cup is the Quencher H2.0 40 Oz. They have multiple colors and designs on their website. Most cups were waitlisted because they became a fast trend. 

The pros of Stanley are they can fit most sizes of standard cup holders in cars. I have always had problems with water bottles not fitting my cup holders in my car, so this feature is effective. They can stay cold for at least 11 hours. Mostly drinking water in my Stanley, I like to leave my cup on my nightstand, and when I wake up in the morning, it is nice and cold for a good taste. They have handles and a straw. I like to be able to grab my cup in the car and take a sip without having to unscrew my lid to get a drink. 

The cons of Stanley are they are not leak-proof. I have dropped my Stanley so many times and they have always leaked from the top. They are heavy, my arms are tired of holding my drink all the time. 

Overall, I like Stanley. They are cute cups to carry around with me all the time. I give Stanley’s a 9/10. 

Hydro Flask was founded in 2009 by Travis Rosbach and Cindy Weber. Hydro Flask is a water bottle company. They are known for their variety of sizes and colors. They became popular mid-2019 and 2020. They are used for exercise, or whenever you are camping, you can have a nice cold drink with you. 

The pros of Hydro Flask are they are a nice bottle that can hold the coldness of your drink for 24 hours and stays hot for 12 hours. They have a many of assorted sizes, and colors perfect for anyone. I like to change out my cup depending on my mood that day. Hydro Flask also has coffee mugs, and wine and beer cups. The bottles also come with wide-mouth or standard mouth caps. I like to use wide-mouth caps when I have my bigger size cup for straws. I love this pro; they can withstand a lot of drops and mishaps. 

The cons of Hydro Flask are some sizes can’t fit in car cup holders; it’s inconvenient when I put my bottle in my passenger seat. The strap included on your lid isn’t durable after a few washes. Overall, I give Hydro Flask a 7/10. 

I love both products. They are nice to use in any scenario. Hydro Flask is most useful to me when I need a light water bottle to take with me somewhere. I bring my Stanley with me when I need to drink a lot of water or iced coffee. I go back and forth when I bring my bottle somewhere. 

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