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It isn’t all bad news, despite how it looks

Imagine a boat with holes on the sides. If no one knows about it, the boat will more than likely sink slowly. But if people are informed of the holes, those can be fixed, thus saving the boat from sinking.

Although we have published several stories concerning safety and other controversial issues, we have also been sure to publish plenty of positive stories. As dark as the world may seem to be at times, there are also plenty patches of light, and we want you all to know that.

The point of what we do is not to hurt our school’s reputation. Hurting this college is the last thing we want to do. As students, we take pride in our campus and want the best for it. Our purpose is to bring attention to the issues that need to be fixed. We want TJC to keep having enrollment increases and for those students to be able to say they graduated from here.

With that said, we can’t keep things hidden. Students need to know about the “holes in the boat” so that we can repair them and keep sailing.

The issues we see throughout the world aren’t caused by news outlets. Many people blame news organizations for the problems in our world. This is clearly not the case. The issues are caused by other individuals, and it’s our obligation to report it to the public.

This school is home to thousands of students; people live here. Getting all kinds of information is important, especially for those who have this place as a home. What we’re trying to say is: bad stuff happens everywhere, and TJC is no different. The bad news is just as relevant as the good.

We are here to better this college; we take pride in this campus. We report the bad news to help fix the kinks we believe this college has. No school will be perfect, but we must always have the mindset to believe we can be better.

If you can’t seem to find any light in the darkness, why not create your own? Help one another; be kind. TJC’s third promise is community service. We as a paper are serving you. You, too, should play your part in making our campus better.

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