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Just down right mean and insecure


Razor cuts, an overdose of pills, or one bullet will make it all go away. No more name calling, no more humiliation, no more tears. All of these thoughts come from that person on the other side of that lit-up screen, the “Cyberbully.” Zanga, MySpace, Facebook, and texting are some of the

main ways that teens are being cyberbullied in their own homes. Groups of teenagers might get together and do this to someone they do not like, or just one person may do it. A recent movie on ABC Family premiered named “Cyberbully.” This movie hit all of the hard facts about the dangers of cyberbullying and what you or a friend may be doing without even knowing it.

Through past experiences of watching people get cyberbul– lied, the best thing for you to do is to encourage that person that he/she does matter. Tell them to ignore everything the bully or bullies are saying.

Another thing to encourage them to do is to report the bul– lies on the website or to block them. If any of these don’t work and the “Cyberbully” turns into a regular bully, then they should talk to an adult who can help. I know, that sounds really corny, but would you rather lose your life or ask an adult to help?

The “Cyberbully” needs to realize what they are doing to this person, they could have pushed him/her all the way to the edge of that cliff and all that’s left is just one more ‘send.’To have a burden of somebody killing themselves or hurting themselves because of a simple joke online can be life rattling. So, before this happens, watch what you send to anybody you know. They could be teetering on the edge.

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