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Limitations can minimize your possibilities

Stepping outside of the box is difficult, especially whenever it’s your own small, safe box that you have created around yourself in order to keep everything and everyone out.

People are really experts at doing this, putting on that makeup face every morning so that friends and family will not see your true emotions. Soon enough you cave in and let one emotion shout and it seems as if everything is invading your comfort zone. This feeling I have found is the worst feeling ever, if you ask me.

So speaking of that, this year I have tried several times to step completely out of my box, being honest with others as well as myself. Yes, I failed at this many, many times, but I keep trying to stay on that track so that I will live my life to the fullest.

Nobody wants to look back on their life and think ‘Why did I not just tell them how I felt? Surely they would have un- derstood.’ With that said, the first thing I did was come to the school and talk to Mrs. Krantz face to face about joining her staff, I’m not the best at meeting new people, I was honest with her about everything that I am capable of doing and I showed my true emotions towards her about Journalism.

Then, recently, she offered me an editors position as a fresh- man, I couldn’t believe it. I will admit the job is more than I expected but I am very pleased to have this job as the Managing Editor. Journalism is something I love, it’s a hobby of mine.

Design is more of my strong side rather than writing, I don’t have the natural talent for writing, but that’s okay. That just means I am able to step out of my small, safe box even more. I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone, live your life, have new experiences and be yourself. Take off the fake face, people will love the true you even more.

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