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Looking for a parking spot on campus? Good luck



It is the simple joy that every college student understands, the moment they find a parking spot on campus. What is not a simple joy though, the amount of time that it takes for students to find parking. Every now and then you will have a lucky day and find a good spot.

That just makes your day so much better. But most days you drive around campus, searching for upwards of 15 minutes trying to find that spot. It almost seems to be like clockwork. You wake up, get ready for school, drive to school, search and search for a spot, then go to class once you find it.

Then that repeats for the remainder of the semester. Sure, later in the semester the parking becomes a lot better once people drop out, but it shouldn’t have to come to students dropping out in order to find parking every day. The most annoying thing about the parking situation I have found is the amount of faculty who park in the student parking lots.

My question is, “Why?” I mean, I don’t blame them, but the problem is when students park in the faculty lots. If students park in a faculty  parking spot, they get a ticket from campus police.

Shouldn’t that be the case faculty and staff parking in student parking. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that faculty and staff have more privileges than than us, but that should not mean they can take a student’s parking spot when there seems to not be enough as it already is and when their are plenty of good faculty parking spots avaliable. With the plans for renovating and expansion, one can only hope for another student parking lot or two.

I understand that one problem this semester holds that others don’t is the construction of Pirtle that prevents students from parking in about half of the spots in that lot.

Also, the band takes a large portion of the parking lot 14 near Pat Hartley Field, which is a completely different and understandable reason. But that just created another problem for students trying to park their car for the school day. Hopefully the parking situation is being concidered with all of the talks of expansion and renovation for the near future for TJC.

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