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Meet the editors: Editor-in-Chief, Colten Sneed

Colton Sneed
Hey everyone, I’m Colten Sneed. This semester I’ve had the pleasure to serve as the Editor-in-Chief for the award-winning newspaper representing students at TJC, The DrumBeat.
My journey to this position has been rather unique if I say so myself.
Growing up, I was always a fan of watching ESPN, listening to the radio and doing anything sports-related. The older I got, the more fascinated with radio I became. Also, the less fascinated with ESPN I became.
My goal in life was to talk on the radio for a living. In the summer after my freshman year, I got that opportunity and started working at KMOO radio in my hometown in Mineola.
I graduated from Mineola High School in June of 2015 and started my time at TJC that following August as a nursing major.
Halfway through the semester I realized Anatomy and Physiology was not my thing and changed my major back to what I originally planned on doing, Radio/TV Broadcasting. After a car accident that left me with a broken wrist and a totaled car, I decided it was time for a break from school.
After taking off in the spring of 2016, I decided to come back that fall and join the TJC Apache Band, I was a huge band nerd in high school and proud of it.
Joining the band was probably the best decision. I made so many friends and it reminded me of why I loved band in high school, it gave me a reason to want to come to school.
Towards the end of the semester I was approached and asked if I wanted to be an editor for The DrumBeat. I thought “What the heck,” so I did it.
That was another great choice that I made. Last semester I learned that I found my niche. I found what my purpose in life is, that is to be a journalist.
I grew not only as an editor, but as a person last semester. I learned so much about time management, people management and the wonders of coffee.
This semester, all of that has been cranked up to 11. Since I am in control of this publication, I am in control of just about every decision. My time management, people management, coffee drinking and hours have all gone up (I do not recommend taking 18 hours in one semester).
All the while of being Editor-in-Chief, taking 18-credit hours, I received a promotion at KMOO to be the news director, which is a full-time job.
It has been my honor to be a member of this illustrious organization and will always be proud to come out of this program. With the deadline for editor applications coming soon, if you are interested in media, I highly suggest joining this great program

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