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Mudslinging at its very finest


Most people know the old saying that goes, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Damaging someone else’s reputation just for the purpose of making oneself seem better never has a good outcome. In the season of elections, brown-nosing, and back-stabbing, this ugly face of betrayal always seems to make an appearance.

In particular, presidential election season never fails to bring out the worst in each candidate. In more recent years, it seems to be more of a contest to see who can bash each other the dirtiest and drown the other candidates in their own reputations. 

Each Republican debate almost always opens with pointing fingers about something in the past. More often than not, the information that the candidates dig up is never about the others’ business practices or even how it affects the impending position of president. 

For some reason, these candidates pull up garbage from the past that has absolutely no relation to their job status or good will for the country. 

In fact, stories of extramarital affairs, religious affiliations, and a certain man’s tax return have surfaced, to name a few. Whether or not these allegations are true, they should not interfere with their campaign or even come to light.

The most baffling part of the whole situation is the fact that the American public just cannot get enough. They are treating these men of higher power like average celebrities and eating up every bit they can. The worst side is that they digest the information and let the bad stuff dictate who they vote for ultimately.

Honestly, this mudslinging is so tired. It is about time Americans tune out the unnecessary trash thrown around when they should be catching the good—and bad—aspects of their campaign that actually pertains to becoming president. People need to start asking, “What will you do for my country?” 

At this point when it comes to the debates, the candidates need to reveal themselves in a good light or at least leave the others well enough alone. 

In the end, it makes not only the targeted candidate look bad, but also the offenders themselves seem even worse. In those cases, no one wins.

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