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Newspapers revamped; not deceased

Newspapers are dead. And if you’re reading this hopefully you are smart enough to realize that they are not.

This assumption was most likely made by those individuals who believe that print journalism is not as convenient, accessible or interesting as it was in its former years.  They were apparently reading the wrong newspapers. The Apache Pow Wow along with other publications has begun to evolve in order to meet the needs and demands of the readers. And as time passes on we are becoming more digital. The Apache Pow Wow website has gotten a makeover and unlike the TJC homepage, the newspaper site is more student friendly. Stories and breaking news will now be more current, photos will be plentiful and the Apache Pow Wow Facebook will send any subscribers automated updates of what’s going on around campus. Along with articles, the journalism department is now giving you podcasts; lively, real-time footage, broadcast and produced by your fellow students.

The newspaper itself will still be available for students, but it has not been left behind in this extreme makeover. Along the bottom of the front page, a Microsoft Tag is now available for anyone with a smart phone. And for those who don’t know what a Tag is, it’s basically a printed bar code, that when scanned by your smart phone, you will be directly linked to the Apache Pow Wow website. For anyone who owns a smart phone but does not have the application, I can honestly say that it is easy to download and it’s free. Just go to tag.microsoft.com, click on ‘try tag now,’ and it will give you three ways to download your tag reader. And this will not be a waist of your time because your tag reader can be used anywhere a tag is available. Including movie and music trailer magazines.

This is the beginning of a way to broaden the way people view news. Newspapers have advanced to electronic media in order to suit people of all ages. There will always be print journalism, but there will also be a family tree of the way things are traditionally done branching off into the offspring of new ideas and conducts.

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