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Not So Secret Diary Ep.2 “The P Word”

Dear Diary, first week of school and is it possible to say I am kind of already in love
That can be a little deceiving, who am I in love with? Is it even a person that I am in love with? Girl, I’ve only been out here for 3 days, that would have to be one very attractive with the best personality ever. Although there are plenty of cute boys here, I am not in love with anyone….yet. I am talking about the campus! Almost everywhere you go there is this amazing view of trees, one of the main reasons I chose this school. Where I’m from it is all modernized buildings, in my high school the only view I had was the H-E-B sign or Whataburger. As much as I love the city, I would like to see some green around me, especially while studying or writing.
Per usual the parking is horrendous
Though I must admit compared to most colleges TJC does have a very large selection of parking all around campus, I still find myself driving around for 30 minutes. I must admit the walks from building to building do help me avoid the infamous ‘freshman 15’. One thing I am disappointed about is that I must walk far distances, as it restricts what clothes I get to wear. There really isn’t any logic behind wearing sandals that have no support in them, just to walk at least 3 miles every day.
I had my first audition of the year this week
It was terrifying, and I’m not expecting any great news.  Considering I to prepare myself in the short time span of 2 hours, I didn’t do too bad. It certainly wasn’t the best work I have ever done, especially considering most of the other people there had prepared for at least a week. Although I didn’t get a callback for my first audition, I did get a second interview for a reading I did later.
In these short two weeks
I have made so many friends, but I have also stressed more than I usually do. What does keep me going is all the food I can get. Not only do we have the gorgeous cafeteria, but we also have Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, and Subway. Not to mention delivery! My roommate and I have even made a schedule on when we eat where. I am glad to report I absolutely love TJC so far and honestly can’t wait to see how the rest of the year goes.
Although I do miss my friend back home
Facetime and texting are always saviors when it comes to long distance, but as you may know it isn’t a permanent solution. I wish I could go home whenever I wanted and just hug my best friends again, but we both know that no matter what we couldn’t lose each other. I certainly can’t wait to go back home and see all my friends again and tell them how amazing everything is. Every single time they call I give them daily updates, but what’s the fun in saying everything over a phone?

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