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Do You Really Want World War 3?

If you haven’t heard about the events taking place in the Ukraine and Crimea, well I’d like to be the first to welcome you back from the deserted island from which you came. Now, let’s break down what’s going on for a second shall we? It began in the Ukraine, as people began to protest when former Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych (you said his name in a Russian accent didn’t you?), rejected strengthening ties with the European Union because he was in favor of strengthening ties with Russia. I know what you’re thinking, “Really? They want to strengthen ties with Russia?”

Well the people there thought the same thing and instead of crying about it they began to protest and occupy Independence Square, and that’s when things got bloody. The protests became violent in November of 2013 and in December, more than 300,000 people were protesting. The protests caused Yanukovych to flee the country and seek asylum in Russia. (Snowden much?) While the protests and upheaval was happening, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, saw this as an opportunity to move into Crimea, the southern region of Ukraine, and seize control of the military bases and ports. His reasoning? That he was acting to protect Russian-speaking people from the upheaval in Ukraine.

Ok, so, now we have a guy that is trying to take countries over by force, and he’s doing it by just walking in and taking them. He even took Crimea’s only submarine. Jerk. Now, all this is of course illegal and the world is, for lack of a better word, pissed. Most of the country is asking, “Well why not just send in troops to take these guys out?” Go ahead … knock on Russia’s door and tell them that we are coming in. I’ll wait … Why would you want to start World War III, stupid?

What we need to do is exactly what we are doing now, and that is trying to keep a distance so we don’t upset Russia’s allies in Europe, and we especially don’t want to upset their biggest ally, China. China has the manpower to try and invade the states to collect debt our country owes to them, and with all the action going on we all know North Korea would love to hit a button or two and send us a little present (hint: it’s a bomb).

Sanctions on the Russian economy are far more efficient, not to mention safer than all out attacking them. Especially in Winter. That never ends well, ask Napoleon and Hitler.

Oh wait, they’re both dead and got their butts kicked whilst attempting to invade Russia.

Diplomacy exists for a reason. A big part of that reason is avoiding wars. How many veterans do you know with PTSD?

The world can not afford to go to war with itself. So again I ask, why would you want to start World War III stupid?

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