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Religion becoming judgmental


Proselytize; to convert or attempt to convert or recruit. This is seen in many forms:  colleges recruiting students and the Army recruiting men and women. 

Even Christians are doing this. Some Christians try forcing their religion down anyone’s throat. Some people ask why this is even a problem, well here’s an answer. Students should have the right to believe in whatever they want and in who they want without anyone saying that they can or can’t. It is sending the wrong message when being forced to believe in a God. 

No one wants to join a group or particular faith that goes around beating them in the head with their beliefs, and passing judgment on things they don’t approve of.  Love and kindness is what should be displayed, and then you will get a more positive response. 

The overall big picture is how will this affect other students or people in general about the particular faith that is being shoved down people’s throats. Christianity in this case might develop a bad rep if too many people get word of how Real Talk is misdirecting the message. 

Instead of shoving info, try to reach people in a more positive way. Offer a place, a time and fellowship for all people to come to you first. Offer a place with food and fun and open in questions and concerns regarding what they believe or what you are trying to persuade them to believe. 

Remember that every Christian heart has a slight difference in its belief system. So instead of proselytizing to them, try loving them. For actions have a deeper meaning than words.

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