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Restrictions can help, not hurt


     For a long time I never truly under­stood why rules were an important part of parenting, and not just parenting, but ev­eryday life.

     I must admit that there were days when I’d wish I had a lot less limitations on where, how, and with whom I hung out with. I actually learned recently the method behind my mother’s “madness” as I called it, after hearing the heartbreaking news a few weeks ago that three young people were killed in a car crash in Lindale on a Sunday morning.

     Such a tragic and unsettling event. It definitely made me rethink the whole “fun with friends” thing a lot. So many young people these days don’t actually consider the consequences of their actions and that some fun-filled nights out on the town don’t always end in laughs, but in tears.

     I often thought of rules and curfews as being unfair and overrated. As weird as it sounds, I still have to be responsible at 20-years-old and be at home before 7 p.m. unless given permission otherwise.

     My friends and I thought of my moth­ers teachings as strict, unnecessary and did I mention unbelievable, but to be honest I’ve learned how to develop a serious sense of true responsibility. There’s no doubt when I do leave the nest one day soon, I’ll be fully equipped with the necessary skills to survive and become an exceptional indi­vidual in the community.

     We all must learn that rules are en­forced for many reasons and not just from a parting point of view. There are laws we must follow, standards we must always meet and just because we reach a particular age or point in life, that doesn’t mean we no longer have to abide by them.

     For goodness sake, do live life to the fullest and have fun, but just consider how safely you do it! Who want’s to be the kid who’s farthest Spring Break vacation included an extremely exciting endeavor through the terrain of his or her very own backyard?

     My mother would always say, “You may not understand it now, but you will sooner or later.” Well, I’m beginning to be­lieve what she said was true and I can hon­estly say I’ve learned so much because of the dreaded rules and restrictions. We must remember they are not here to hold us back or to put a damper on our life experiences, but to keep us focused on the proper path we all must travel to become successful.

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