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Review: The World of Khaos delivers scares and thrills

 With Halloween creeping around the corner, students who are not afraid of a good scare should consider the World of Khaos in Tyler. 

The World of Khaos is a two-part haunted maze with amazing actors, disturbing sets and jump scares galore. 

Upon pulling up to the maze, two rundown, sketchy metal warehouses stand in what seems like the middle of nowhere. This works in their favor. One building is bombarded with purple neon lights with psychotic clowns hanging around the front. These clowns never broke character when people approached. The second and biggest building looks like a set from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” 

Once my friend and I opened the door to the second building, we were immediately tensing up with anxiety. The first room was a long dark hallway with red strobe lights, and scratched-in writings all over the wall. We also heard screams coming from the “crazy asylum patients” who were spread throughout the hallways. The atmosphere was very effective. Not only was the amazing detail in the set decorations well executed, but also the actors inhabiting the various rooms sold the show. There was not one actor who I was not scared of. Everyone on the team gave it their all and it definitely paid off because by the end of the first house we had been transformed from two brave college students to two frightened children. 

However, the night was not over yet, and we didn’t realize we were able to go through both houses. The second house was the one with neon lights, and it seemed to be the theme of a neon circus freak show. This maze was much shorter, but that didn’t let down on the thrill factor. In this maze, we had multiple crazy clowns with legit chainsaws chase after us. There was no chain to actually hurt anyone, of course, but it was traumatizing nonetheless. 

The buildings were not just places to give you a good jump scare though. In one of the rooms, we were blocked from the door by a crazy looking man saying, “You have to sing to proceed.” So my friend and I, laughing and frightened at the same time, sang to the man. After being both scared to death and embarrassed, we were allowed to continue. This was one of the various activities you can expect to experience as you go through some of the rooms. 

After we went through both mazes, we were given the choice of taking pictures with some of the costumed actors. All of the employees were very nice and all seemed very into what they were doing. 

This is an excellent experience for a group of people. However, if you plan to go, plan on the side of caution. If one is prone to seizures there are multiple strobe lights throughout each maze and it could also make some people nauseated. 

Photos by Michael Bald

If anyone is curious and might want to try the place out, the location is at 816 E Oakwood St. Tyler, Texas 75702. Tickets are $20 per person and VIP tickets are $25 per person. The times are from 7 p.m. to either 10:30 p.m. or midnight. As far as dates, they are somewhat scattered across October, so for more information go to worldofkhaos.com.

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