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We’ve all taken one or know someone who’s taken one at some point in our lives, the selfie. In todays world, we pay no mind to the thought of a person taking a picture of themselves. It’s the 21st century, everybody does it, there’s the mirror selfie, the workout selfie, the group selfie, the Ellen selfie, the one handed selfie and the i need attention selfie, the list goes on. They happen in restaurants, ballparks, hospitals, schools and the workplace.

There is now even a song about them, properly titled #SELFIE that even took the number one slot on Billboard’s Dance charts. Like all good things, selfies should be taken in moderation and in short intervals. One must know thy selfie before accidentally do selfie harm. Before getting all camera happy, look around, enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing that is about to make you, a human being, take a picture of yourself doing an activity that really no one else can see (or frankly cares about). Live in the moment, enjoy that “now” moment. Taking pictures, by the way, has been proven make you remember less of something you may have experienced, so think about that the next time you’re about to snap your life away.

The word selfie, which has a place in the Oxford Dictionary, now also has a spot on the list of things that you can get addicted to and is also linked to Narcissism. Let’s face it, the selfie is never going to go away. Deep down we’re all a bit narcissistic and seem to want to stare at ourselves in awe like Narcissus (Google him if you don’t know I only get so many words here), but we can’t. We have real life things to do. You may think the world revolves around you, but it doesn’t. So chill out on those Instagram selfies and go out and do something. I pose a challenge to you all, go out and do something this weekend, but leave your cell phone in your pocket. See how long it takes before you break down and pull it out and go to MYTJCNEWS.com and comment and tell us how long it took and what you were doing. Better yet, take a selfie.

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