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The election is rigged, or is it?

Alex Dickson

News Editor

Being represented fairly and correctly especially in politics is very important, but when the common perception of the public is that they are misrepresented by the government, that in itself creates a further divide.

Being represented in politics adequately is an issue that has been going on since having a voice mattered. While there are many facets that make up the evaluation of votes, the idea that fraud is present in the current election process creates a bigger divide than needed within the system.

Neither campaign is making a very good name for themselves with remarks such as, “The election is rigged.” The media couldn’t care less about why a particular comment was made. However, the problem with this election is not about the election being rigged.

With the right of having a voice comes the position of voting power, or at least in the United States. When there is already a problem in the status quo with people attempting to vote twice, the allegations made that voter fraud is occurring tend to take precedence.

The ‘fraud’ that is suspected to be occurring is the changing of votes from one candidate to another. Particularly in Texas, the claims are made on the bias that people are voting for Donald Trump (R) and the voting machines are changing the individual’s vote to count for Hillary Clinton (D). However, while the claims are unfounded in every instance, the situation in itself causes people to have less and less trust in the government.

The system being ‘rigged’ is not, by any means accurate, however, these types of situations show us that our votes could be getting misrepresented. The idea that the votes are being changed is a bit outlandish, but accurate representation is a big problem.

When people decide that their voice matters, and in turn votes for a candidate for public office, the citizens or voters should be represented fairly. The votes are the people’s voice and represent how the community or society feels. In order to have a synced society, the government has to be the representative of the people.

The current system allows for many flaws, and needs to be fixed. This election has only perpetuated the common flaws that the United States has seen throughout history. Politics should not be a problem due to representation, it should only be an issue around the dinner table due to controversy.

People should ultimately be represented correctly, and there is not one person who can say, without a shadow of a doubt that they are 100 percent adequately represented. Representation should not be an issue that is ‘good enough.’

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