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The story we write every day: our lives

     Since I was young, I’ve always heard people say that the key to success is hard work and good planning, but if you live a little and take the time to learn from life’s many lessons, you begin to question that philosophy.

     Life is unpredictable and whether we are willing to accept it or not, things tend to happen that are unplanned regardless of our preparation. The truth is I’ve been dreading this time of year. It represents so much sorrow and pain not just to myself, but to parents, professors and friends.

     On April 18, 2010, TJC lost a bright, talented and pure hearted-student named Molly Katherine Stanley. She excelled at everything she set her mind, to never giv­ing up regardless the obstacle. She was willing to help any and everyone she could, but her dreams of success were tragically short-lived, as she lost her young life com­ing home from church one Sunday after­noon.

     I will always remember Molly, not just for the type of person she was, but for what she left behind. Her love and kindness lives on in all our hearts and encourages us to be better mothers, fathers and friends. It was her dream to make a mark on the world and now her dream lives on through our accomplishments.

     As college students and as young adults, we are determined to meet our goals and fulfill our aspirations, but life some­times has a different path it wants us to travel. Regardless which route we take, we must always remember to never quit even when we’ve hit a dead end. We must learn to retrace our steps and find the right way that best fits us.

     We must learn from our mistakes if we make them and seriously try to reach our wildest dreams no matter what stands in our way. Even if nothing is certain in life, you still must try to excel the best you know how.

     From what I learned from life and from Molly, my best friend, it has changed the way I look at my future and everyday life. You never know what day is your last, but you also never know what day will for­ever change your life for the better.

     I guess living life is a gamble, a 50-50 chance at success or failure, but that’s the fun part about being alive. We are given the choice to write our life stories one day at a time.

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