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We are your source and your voice

By Julia Contarelli


You probably don’t know most of what happens around you. We are here to inform.

Journalists are unbiased professionals who work to inform all without presenting their personal opinions. Sensationalizing a subject, making up facts, showing only one side of a story; we don’t do that. Journalists show all sides, measure every word in their articles, and the effect it will have. They consider how the audience will react and if the story is appropriate.

Without people willing to talk to the press, a story can become incomplete. Agreeing to an interview shows the reporter your side of the story, whereas refusing an interview does not help anyone, and could possibly make the story significantly weaker.

Talking to the press not only helps us get a complete story, it also helps you and the community. If there is something that could possibly harm, or benefit, the community, it’s important to us to get an accurate story.

In many cases, where society was otherwise uninformed, journalists were the ones who found out the truth and showed everybody what was really going on. The work of journalists is quite similar to investigators, they find out what is behind the scenes, what is not being shown to everybody and report to all.

We are strictly here to inform, not to change opinions. The DrumBeat editors, staff writers, and guest contributors are all students. We don’t have an agenda, we aren’t out to get people in trouble. Our job is to report what is important and relevant to TJC students, faculty, and alumni.

Unlike some mainstream media outlets, we are not reliant upon powerful donors. We have no reason to lie or fabricate facts. We work for you.

The purpose of our positions here with the DrumBeat is to serve you. If there’s something you don’t like and feel needs reporting, talk to us. If you think it’s something that should be reported immediately, contact us through Facebook. If you want to be a part of our team, come talk to us. We’re students, just like you, and want to serve our student body the best way we can.

We are your voice, email us on news@thedrumbeatcom.wpcomstaging.com and we might print it.

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