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Why does Valentine’s Day Exist?

Every year, in February, hundreds of men and women (well, mostly men if we are being honest here) scramble last minute to buy their significant other candy, flowers, cards, or set up a last minute date to a fancy restaurant for Valentine’s Day. It’s the one day you treat your sweet schnookums to a day of holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes, exchanging gifts and saying “I Love You”.

Then February 15th comes and it’s all back to normal. No more buying flowers, candy or going on dates. That can wait until next year right? Because from the looks of it, that’s the only time you are supposed to do special things for your significant other.

So why does Valentine’s Day exist?

Is it a yearly reminder of when was the last time you did something special for your loved one?

I certainly hope not.

This won’t be a history lesson on Saint Valentine or how he was charged with performing secret weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry or how he was subsequently executed because of said marriages or how ended his farewell letter by saying “Your Valentine” to his loved one. No, this will not that.

Those who are fortunate to be in a healthy relationship, every day should be Valentine’s Day. There’s no reason to buy a card that says what you feel for them. Tell them. Go on random dates and keep it spontaneous. Hold their hands, walk arm in arm just because. Be sure to tell them “I Love You” and appreciate them.

When February 14th
comes along next year, it should just be another day of the week. The love that
you have for each other is the gift, not the card or box of chocolates. So
Happy Post-Valentine’s Day to all.

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