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Apache Football undefeated


With only one game left until Homecoming, the Apache football team is sitting at 7-0. This past Saturday, the team trounced Cisco 49-23.

“We’ve been focusing on going 1-0. It’s turned out to be an undefeated season, but that’s not how we’re looking at it,” said Coach Ryan Mahon. “Basically, we’ve got a great problem. We’ve got two great quarterbacks and both of them can win it for us.”

Mahon also credits an exceptional defensive line for their latest win. In his nine years at TJC, Mahon has never seen the team hit Homecoming week undefeated. Behind their success, is the support from students, the Apache Belles, band and cheerleaders who show up at every game trying to pump the team up enough to get each win.

“It’s crazy. There’s positive energy all around,” Quarterback Randy Price said. As homecoming approaches, the sports and spectacle will begin to ramp up, with each day bringing a new event leading up to the game. As much as the team appreciates the excitement, Price thinks the team will probably be asked to stay away from the distractions.

“It’s a completely different feeling whenever you go in and say, ‘Oh we’re undefeated right now.’ It gives us an extra boost of energy to perform,” said Apache Belle Chaplain Elizabeth Francis. Francis is looking forward to a huge routine that the Belles have arranged for Homecoming.

“It kind of makes it feel like high school again. I know it’s sad to refer to that sometimes, but it literally gives you that good feeling of having an awesome homecoming.” Francis said.

The excitement among the Belles and cheerleaders is palpable. Both organizations are pushing themselves harder to match the work that the football team is putting in, hoping their enthusiasm is enough to make the difference if a game is coming down to the wire.

Last year was not as successful. The Apaches managed to end the season at 5-5, with all but one loss coming from away games. In fact, this is the first winning season since 2009-2010 when the Apaches went 7-3.

The football team is already on track to make this their best season in at least a decade. In 2004, the team went 8-3. 2003 saw an incredible 10-2.

Price has shown that he’s at the top of his game after recovering from last season’s injury. Fellow quarterback Matt Davis displays the skills that earned him recognition with Texas A&M.; With two powerhouse quarterbacks and a top-notch defensive line, this season is theirs for the taking. All the odds are in their favor and the full support of TJC’s organizations are ready to back them up.

As they say on Friday Night Lights, “Clear eyes, full hearts. Can’t lose.”



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