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Apache Renegades fill the void for TJC cheerleaders


The Apache Renegades are pumping up the team spirit for TJC.

Coordinator of Student Life Lauren Tyler encourages members to commit to being present at all home games. “We are creating fans in the stands,” Tyler said.

The Apache Renegades agreed that they should attend all home games ringing their bells, yelling and cheering. They are determined to make sure each sport has a group of renegades present.

Members discussed fun ideas for each sport. President of Apache Renegades, Whitney Smith appointed leaders and laid out the rules for the leaders and the fellow participants. This group with over 25 members were to be respectful and presentable, making sure their ripped shirts had tank tops underneath and taking care of horns, mega phones or anything provided from the Renegade budget.

They divided the Renegades into subgroups committed to being available to cheer at their own assigned sport. Neverthe­less, every Apache Renegade is encouraged to attend as many games as possible.

President of Apache Renegades Whitney Smith Agreed that making a commitment to going to home games is essential to being a Renegade.

“I would like to think that the Apaches won against the Kilgore Rangers because we were there.” Smith said. Apaches took victory over the Rangers 34 -31 during their second football game Sept. 3.

They planned to give parents a welcoming expe­rience by hosting a tailgate party as well. “We’re going to back our big trucks up and blast music.” Smith said.

Parents were invited to visit the TJC campus for Parents Weekend Sept. 24 and to attend the football game. Ren­egades said they would grill hamburgers and give away food before the football game starts.

Joey Blue is a member who joined the Renegades to enjoy cheering and to meet people. “We want to tell people to come out to the games.” Blue said.

“We wear ripped T-shirts and warrior face paint,” Smith said.

“We have so much fun at the games and we are getting ready for parents weekend, ” Blue continued.

The Renegades are meeting in the Apache rooms in the Rogers Student Center on Fridays at 2 p.m. and any students with a 2.0 GPA can enlist.

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