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Behind the Wheel: Dale Carney the bus driver for TJC women’s soccer

When you look on the surface, you see is a bus driver. But Dale Carney is much more than that, when you see into his eyes you see the compassion to care for the girls that he drives to each game as if they were his own kids.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed it,” said Carney

Dale has not always drove for Tyler Junior College, in fact this is his first year doing so.

“ I recently started with Eco’s charters in June,” said Carney “ Then my boss brought me over here and introduced me to coach Rose and the men’s coach and it started from there.”

To go from driving different events around for a charter company to driving a women’s soccer team around full time can be life changing. Having to deal with all the different personalities and the long trips in and out of state can take its toll on the body as well as give you many memories.


“My very first trip with them I took them down to Texas A&M,” said Carney “It was a great team building event the girls got to know each other and I got to know them.”

As he continued to drive the team through the season Carney became attached to the women’s team, watching them grow and progress as a team.

“They played better together, they passed the ball better,” said Carney. “They were a closer team because they knew each other better, knowing each others potential and personality which made for a better team.”

Looking forward to each game on their tremendous run this season.

The moments that stood out the most this season to Dale were in fact the winning ways of the team this year.

“Being able to see them win and win big,” said Carney.

But just like in all magical season there will be up’s and down’s and the down this year came in the quarterfinals for the women’s soccer team.

“The big down was the lose in their second game,” said Carney

Being the bus driver your eyes are open to things that the average fan does not get to see, let that be pre-game rituals, how each player takes a hard lose or a great win, and even in some cases what is most important to each player.

“The coach visiting with the team before matches,” said Carney “Sometimes he does that in the bus.”

And in some rare cases the bus driver can even catch on to the nutrition plans for achieving success.

“He makes them Peanut butter and jelly for lunch,” said Carney “ And he makes them smoothies high in protein and high in fruit.”

Driving the team around all season Dale grew a connection with the women’s team that by in large part will stand the test of time. The memories that the team gave him this season will be ones that he holds on to forever.

“I felt privileged, to be able to drive them around this year,” said Carney “And I thank them for allowing me that opportunity.”

Being a bus driver for any organization is much more than just driving the team or group of people from one location to another, it is a chance to start a bond that can last a lifetime with a group of individuals that will stand the test of time. Because everyone remembers who got him or her to the most important match, game, duel, or scrimmage to set up his or her future.


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