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Coming back from Injury

Coming back from an injury can be a hard thing to gage at times, but it really all comes down to what the body can take.

“It depends on what type of injury you have, you have to be reasonable enough,” said Elizabeth Bagerbaseh first year at Tyler Junior College on the women’s tennis team. “ But you have to know yourself well enough.” While some attorneys from help in claiming compensation for personal injuries, a majority of them work on injuries caused due to accidents.


Season ending injuries are not often seen in tennis. More commonly you will see little injury’s that stick around or nag you for a week. Like ankle sprain, sore back, strained shoulder, or even sore knees.

“ Tennis has more of nagging injuries,” said Dash Connell head coach of men and women’s tennis at Tyler Junior College. “ And you kind of learn to deal with it.”


And given the fact that there will be some players on both teams that go on to play tennis after Tyler Junior College, health is a big thing.

“ I know that there is tennis after Tyler Junior College,” said Connell, “And I don’t want to injury the player long term because we were selfish to win a few more matches.”


With all the nagging injuries not everybody is at 100 percent when they step out on the court, but playing through it knowing the opponent has an injury to somewhere comes with the job.

“ Everybody on the court has something going on,” said Ciro Lampasas, first year student at Tyler Junior College for the men’s tennis team. “ It’s just who can deal with it the best, really.”


When big time scouts are there to watch players that adds on to the urge to want to play more even if there is a lingering injury.

“You have to know your body, everybody’s body is different” said Bagerbaseh.

One of the hardest decisions by a coach is whether he should play someone who wants to play but doesn’t have to OK from the tanning staff.


“That is one of the hardest things,” said Connell “ I stick to what they (tanning staff) tell me when and when not to play somebody mostly, but if we are playing for nationals then I might edge them on a little bit more.”

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