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Flag football is an annual event each fall that always draws a big crowd of local students. To come watch the games and especially in the playoffs and even more for the championship game. These games are really a chance for the red-shirt players and others that want to play football to showcase their skills or all that you can show in a flag football game. Players have full control when it comes to their team, they pick the name,uniform, equipment, and they even receive full stats on each game that they played in.

This annual flag football season if you may was created by the students for the students, so that they could also feel rush and excitement of having to play a season and lead your team to the playoffs with hopes of winning the championship. And in some cases there has been certain players to get called up to the official football team for tjc to play due to their performance in the flag football, in which they showed such promise in the field that the coaches wanted a closer look at what the individual could do in pads and going up against a defense.

When the playoffs start is when the intensity really goes up a few notches. It is that time of the season when you really have to lay it all on the line and can not have any mistakes, because in a game of inches anything can cost you. The players really pick up on that in everything that goes on, they practice harder, make their cuts more precise, and even have a more concentrated mind on the task at hand before each game. Some players will even go to such lengths to have special gear for the playoffs and even the playoffs.

For the players it is more of a pride thing when it comes to the preparation, nobody wants to lose and there are even more people that do not want to be the reason their team loses, let that be a dropped pass, missed tackle( removing the flag), mishandling of a snap, or even the wrong read. That is why at every level pop warner, high school, college, and even the pros when that time of the season comes around when every play has an overall effect on the season you can feel the intensity rise on the field.

The championship game draws the biggest crowd compared to all the other games, students come from all over campus. There is much that goes into the championship game, both teams playing for bragging rights for the rest of the year and up until next year, students want to see who will be named champions, and even a few of the football coaches come out to see who will win and if anybody should get called up to the team, which can really have a big impact on the players.

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