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Football Unionization

However, there is something different about the TJC Apache football team. It is now union.

A February hearing between Northwestern University in Chicago and the College Athletics Players Association, the National Labor Relations board decided on Wednesday, March 26, 2014, that NU players are no longer considered student-athletes, but university-employees. Meaning NU players are allowed to create a union and collectively bargain.

Head football coach of TJC, Danny Palmer, had to say this,

“I agree with the administration of Northwestern University,” said Palmer. “I believe student athletes should not be considered employees of the University.”

There are several appeals that Northwestern University will have in order for this to become reality for the football team.

Coach Palmer had to say that student athletes are there for an education. Go to class, graduate, if you’re lucky enough to represent your school in professional football then you can sell your jersey. However, until then a college football player is a college athlete.

According to the NCAA Research and NFL data, 15,588 NCAA seniors are playing football. The percentage of players from the NCAA to NFL is 1.6%. The number of NFL players reaching year four will be 150.

The data goes on to say that 6.5% of high school football seniors will be playing football at the NCAA ranking.

“So if you’re lucky enough to be one of the 6.5% to become a football player, and one of the 1.5% of that group to make it to the NFL, you’ll be lucky to get three years out of it,” the data goes on to continue. “At a minimum salary, you won’t make enough to live on for the rest of your life. What’s going to provide for you and your family after football is over? Your college education.”

Palmer said the money that is sold off of a jersey in college goes to building libraries, builds 20,000 square feet academic centers, building weight rooms and classrooms. It just doesn’t go towards athletics, but that’s just his opinion he went on to mention.

“Student athletes are more protected now than they have ever been,” said Palmer. “Academically and athletically that it’s fair.”

Now whether or not this ruling passes through all appeals that are to be for seen, it remains to be unseen if all colleges will adopt the ruling, mainly because the NCAA will have to address women athletics, but as of right now the ruling only has to deal with football.

It is still too early as to what would happen to TJC if the ruling is adopted by all colleges and universities because currently the only ruling has to do with Northwestern University football.

However, changes could be taking place in the future for NJCAA and NCAA football programs if the ruling is adopted.

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