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Like Father Like Son


As the basketball season continues at full force, leading a successful basketball team isn’t the only thing Mike Marquis, head men’s basketball coach has to be proud of. Marquis has the privilege of experiencing something not most head coaches have a chance to in their coaching career. He has had opportunity to not only coach his oldest son Mitch for two basketball seasons at TJC but Mitch now joins his father as part of his coaching staff.

After two seasons as the team’s point guard, Mitch received a basketball scholarship to the University of Texas- El Paso. After attending summer courses at 

UTEP, he decided to turn down the offer and return to TJC as a volunteer assistant basketball coach. Mitch wasn’t available for interviews but coach Marquis had only but professional things to say about his son’s decision.

    “I can only speak for him if he could at the moment but we felt that his long-term interests weren’t going to be served best if he stayed at UTEP,” said Marquis.

 As volunteer assistant coach, Mitch contributes to the team in many ways. Mitch helps the team educationally by tutoring athletes when needed as well as serving as a mentor to them. 

 “He knows how to lead inside and out. With 10 freshman this season, he’s doing a really good leadership job,” said Marquis.

Athletic Director, Tim Drain, said that because Mitch is doing this job voluntarily, he does not get paid for his work but is still held responsible for the tasks he is given. He also feels that Mitch is doing a good job assisting the team thus far. 

“He is able to stay focused while he decides what to do next. I don’t notice him when he’s working with a team, that is a good thing. It’s like because he’s not messing up,” said Drain.

As of right now, Mitch is undecided of where he will continue with his education. However, there are various university basketball teams that have him on their radar. 

 “He’s definitely going to be returning to school. This could be a one-year experiment because he still has schools that are looking at him. It could be a situation that he just attends UT-Tyler and finishes up there. I just want him to choose a path that will make him happy,” said Marquis.

It’s fair to say that coach Mike Marquis is very pleased with his son’s achievements on and off the court. Marquis had a chance to not only be a mentor and coach to his son but now has an opportunity to watch Mitch take on the same role. Marquis didn’t fail to recognize the work that the other assistants do for the team as well.

“I’m blessed. This is the first time since I’ve started working at TJC that we’ve had full staff, but to get two volunteers, it’s absolutely fabulous,” said Marquis, ” We also have a full time assistant that played for us and he’s also doing fantastic. All three of them are doing a great job and really communicate well with each other. The kids really like all three of them. Up to this point, this has been a very, very rewarding experience.”

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