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Manager expected to perform well for team

The real “Ace” on the volleyball team that many may overlook is the team manager.

“I expect them to complete the job that is asked to be completed,” said Coach Shirley.

Although she may not be on the court dur- ing the game Coach Shirley expects the same amount of effort from the managers as she does from the players.

Making sure everything is packed and ready to go for tournaments and away games and filling out paper work are just some of the responsibilities that rest on the shoulders of TJC volleyball manger Ja’mira Alexander.

Coming from Beckville, TX, Alexander grew up playing volleyball starting in junior high all the way to college level. After injuring her foot during a volleyball match last year she could no longer participate in a sport that she loved.

However, she found another way to be apart of the team.

“I expect them to be apart of the team just as much as the players,” said Coach Shirley.

When Coach Shirley came to TJC the vol- leyball team didn’t have a manager. However, Coach Shirley wanted to change that. “Assistant Coach Aundrea Parker contacted me and asked if I was interested and if so to contact the new head coach,” said Alexander.

Alexander takes on many different roles by keeping stats during games, doing the team laun- dry and seeing that everything that needed to get packed for the games and that it gets to the right place on time.

“We make sure everything is organized and ready for the team at anytime,” said Alexander.

When it comes to get the team ready for away games and tournaments there are a num- ber of assorted items that she must bring for the players.

For instance, each player has three dif- ferent jerseys for the game and the managers have to make sure the numbers match up for each player. Also they pack their kneepads, their game socks and game tights. She also packs drinks and snacks for the team.

“They take a lot of stress off of us on game days–instead of us worrying about our uniforms, kneepads, socks, etc., we can focus on the game because we know our managers already have everything ready because they are simply amazing,” said setter Bridget Hanafin.


Along with packing everything, she also keeps track of important contributions for each member of the team during the game.


“I just keep stats of every pass, every dig, every block and every hit,” said Alexander.

She also helps put the stats that she takes during the game on the Internet.


After the game the managers take the players game clothes and wash them, hang them up and make sure they are ready for the next game.


Even though it takes a lot of time from their personal lives the ladies on the team do notice their hard work.


“It’s really great when they are cheerful and excited about being with us volleyball girls and helping us out because it shows us how much they enjoy being a part of us and that means a lot to a team. Their efforts are very much appreciated by us all,” said Hanafin. 

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