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NJCAA strips TVCC of wins

TVCC was stripped of all wins by the NJCAA for the for the 2013-2014 football season after a self reported ineligibility issue.

Trinity Valley Community College was stripped of all wins on August 29 by the NJCAA after an international player reported he was ineligible to play due to age on August 28, 2014.

According to Article V, section 3 B of the “Eligibility Rules of the National Junior College Athletic Association” (NJCAA) “an HS(-3) student-athlete reaching his/her 21st birthday prior to August 1st each year will be charged with one (1) season of NJCAA eligibility regardless of participation provided he/she has NJCAA eligibility remaining. An HS(-3) student-athlete reaching his/her 22nd birthday prior to August 1st each year will be charged with two (2) seasons of NJCAA eligibility regardless of participation.”

To clarify a student who reaches the age of 21 prior to August 1 has one year of eligibility, but students who reach the age of 22 before August 1 have no eligibility. If the student has his/her birthday after August 1st the student is eligible for two seasons and if students reaches his/her 22nd birthday after August 1 the student has only one season of eligibility.

“TVCC has to vacate their wins from last year,” said Mark Krug, NJCAA Assistant Executive Director. “This does not mean teams that lost to TVCC in 2013 automatically receive wins. The game outcomes are not changed, the wins from TVCC are vacated.”

TVCC submitted an appeal to NJCAA ruling to vacate sanctions on September 2, 2014. NJCAA denied the appeal on September 11, 2014.

TVCC’s public relations director had no comment beyond the press release.




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