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Players anticipate future that awaits after TJC

The future looks bright for sophomore volleyball players Kylie Court, Darya Dyatchuk and Chelsie Shackelford as they begin preparing to depart from TJC after one last semester.

“I have a bunch of friends that I went to school with last year here and I just want to end the year with a lot of fun and make more memories with them before I leave,” said Shackelford.

Dyatchuk and Shackelford are both trying to walk on to a four-year school volleyball team next year. 

Dyatchuk is hoping to attend Kentucky University while teammate Shackelford is looking at Division I schools throughout the state. However, their fellow teammate Kylie Court has plans of her own.

“I am going to try and go to the nursing program at Sam Houston State University,” said Court.

Court won’t be participating in college athletics after this year at TJC. That way she can keep her mind focused on her studies while in nursing school. 

“It’s going to be really hard going from working out every day and being busy with volleyball to nothing and having to find stuff to do in my spare time,” said Court.

Although the memories made at TJC will not be lost, roommates Court and Dyatchuk, an international student from Belarus have made many memories together.

“When I came to TJC, I did not know any English but a couple of words. Kylie really helped me though the transition,” said Dyatchuk. 

“Coming from Russia, the US is very different,” said Dyatchuk. “Even volleyball is different and in Russia we would only play maybe four games in a month, but here we play four games in a week. It was hard to get used to at first but now it’s better.”

While being at TJC and in the athletic program, the ladies have learned valuable lessons to help them as they go off to pursue their careers and transfer to universities. 

“Being a part of this team has helped me develop my leadership skills and how to have a presence and take pride in everything that you do. It helps me strive for success,” said Shackelford,

As Dyatchuk looks back on her experience at TJC, she is amazed by all the opportunities it has presented to her.

“I love TJC,” said Dyatchuk. “I am going to miss TJC a lot .We have a great team, great coach and a great campus.”

“One thing that is going to stick with me even when I am not playing volleyball is mental toughness,” said Court.

These ladies have learned so much about each other and about themselves in the past year and a half. “I have become more independent,” said Court.

Even if these ladies are not going to be on the same team any more they will always be a family. They have overcome obstacles together and kept each other accountable through the team.

“I am going to miss playing volleyball and all the girls,” said Court.


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