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Teams Aim to Improve on Last Year’s Finishes

The golf teams are “perennial Top 10 programs,” said TJC Athletic Director Dr. Tim Drain.

The golf teams this year have many players who are capable of winning a tournament by hitting the lowest score.

“They are all stars. Our teams are that such anybody on the team is good enough to win the tournaments,” said Head Coach Sandy Terry. “All had their moments that they shined.”

Returning players for the men are Charlie Campbell, Calvin Lackey, Ben Page, Brandon Rougeau and Jared Streeter. New players this season are Luke Fauss and Blake Stasiunas.

Returning players for the women are Rebecca Boström, Kerbey Kipp, Bailey McCrawley and Saraid Ruiz. No new players will be playing this season.

Both teams combined this season will compete in 12 tournaments.

“Both have six tournaments including nationals,” said Coach Terry. “Women’s nationals is in Daytona, Fla. and men’s will be held in Plymouth, Ind.”

The women’s team is anticipating this season with tournaments, competing and Nationals being the excitement builders. Another is having a team this season that is bonded and being able to get back into ‘tournament mode.’

Each team member has a different way to motivate himself or herself before each tournament.

“I am very into music and have a special song,” said Boström.

“I’m into singing and dancing,” said Ruiz. “As a team, we always hug each other.”

“My teammates, it’s a family,” said Kipp. “We push each other to do our best and we enjoy playing with each other.”

Each player has their own obstacles and challenges and they must overcome them however the individual chooses.

Last season will have an effect on this season by having good chemistry within the team, being prepared and having more playing time.

“They can expect us to try our hardest and to never give up,” said McCawley. “Definitely go for it all.”

“For us to go to Nationals, we are going to do it,” said Kipp. “We are going to try our hardest and we are going to make it.”

Some have dreams of making golf a career, however this is not always the case since golf is a hobby to some.

“I think they all want to move onto a Division I school, … although some may not play golf,” said Coach Terry.

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