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The Tyler Way

As you may or may not know Tyler Junior College recently won it’s 50th championship in the spring when the baseball team defeated Cumberland and took the title. As significant as this is, and it is very significant, it is even more amazing that the volleyball, men’s soccer teams and both tennis teams all finished as the national the runner-up their respected sport. This level of success is phenomenal at an athletic level, but completely unbelievable when the athletes GPA is added in. In contrast to

popular stereotypes TJC athletes are indeed

very smart, at least from an academic stand point, and have notably high GPAs How does a junior college work to achieve smart, talented and driven athletes? It’s the “Tyler Way.”

You might have heard from time-to- time about athletes getting recruited or accepted into colleges even with past police records. With all the bad publicity in the news about star athletes from a college level to the pros this theme in athletics is really being brought to the light. TJC has been known for being selective about which athletes we accept into the program. Moral

character can make or break a team and

team dynamics are essential to team success. The athletic program choose athletes walking a very fine line. They try to remain a second chance school, but at the same time must set talent aside as ask themselves if a player would be more toxic than helpful to a team. Students should take pride in

50 national titles knowing that the athletic program did not lower the moral standards required for athletes with more natural talent. When TJC brings home a national title, and I believe there will be many more

to come, apaches should stand

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