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TJC sports playoff outlook

Robert Naylor
News/Sports Editor

The spring semester not only marks the end of the school year, but also plays host to various championship teams’ part of the TJC sports arsenal.

In quick summation, each team has had a remarkable season, bringing sense to the fact that each team has aspirations towards a playoff berth.

The men’s tennis team has achieved a record of 14-1 this year, and should promise to flourish during their upcoming competitions. You should see them dominate at the Region 14 Championship vs. Jacksonville College, as well as annihilate their competition throughout the Men’s NJCAA National Championships.

The women’s Tennis team follows suit in domination with a 10-3 record this year, leaving them into a very similar playoff predicament. The women’s tennis team is also scheduled to play at the Region 14 Championship vs. Jacksonville, as well as bring forth a powerful presence at the women’s NJCAA Tennis Championships.

Although not holding true to the same stylization of win/loss record keeping as other sports teams, the men’s golf team has performed admirably throughout the season promising a slew of post-season performances. You can see them compete at the District 2 Championship at Diamondback GC, the District F championship at Eagle Bluff CC and the NJCAA National Tournament at Swan Lake Resort.

The Women’s golf team observed a shorten season compared to the men, and therefore have a shorter post-season schedule highlighted by the NJCAA National Tournament at the LPGA International. This event will be hosted in Daytona, Florida.

The baseball team has put on a powerful display of coordination, resulting in a record of 36-11. While the team has a few games left in regular season play, they are already destined for a plethora of post-season performances. Their first event the team will participate in is the East/West Divisional Tournament, followed by a NJCAA District C Championship series, and lastly the team will be competing at the JNCAA Div. III World Series at Pioneer Park.

Last but certainly not least is TJC’s softball team. The team this year has put up a powerful record of 45-7, which can still be bolstered with the finishing of regular season play. The softball team is expected to see play in the NJCAA Region XIC tournament, as well as the season concluder in the NJCAA National Tournament.

As the semester comes to a close, keep in mind that our sports teams will begin competing for national attention. With a large array of playoff competition, expect TJC to bring home a few trophies throughout the month of May.

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