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Creating costumes on a budget this spooky season

With Halloween around the corner, everyone is looking for the right costume to properly celebrate this exciting holiday with friends, but being young, broke, and in college can make finding a costume difficult. There are plenty of fun, cheap costumes out there. Here are some ideas for costuming on a budget. 

Zombie: Zombie costumes are quite easy and the most fun to make. All it takes is some old clothes you can get from a thrift store or even clothes you don’t wear any more. Once you have the outfit you’d like to be caught dead in, just tear or cut it up and splatter some fake blood on it as well as add brown eyeshadow under your eyes for an extra effect. 

Puppet: Puppet costumes are one of the easiest costumes out there. To create this look, all you have to do is put on a nice outfit and draw two black lines from the corners of your mouth all the way down your chin. For an added touch, you can draw red dots on your cheeks and the tip of your nose. 

Witch: Witch costumes can be put together in a few moments. All that’s required is an all black outfit and a pointy hat. Accessories, such as a broom or a wand (which can just be a long stick off the ground), can help sell the costume.

Vampire: Being a vampire is an easy costume to put together. To become this creature, put on a white button up with black pants, and drip fake blood or red food coloring from the corners of your mouth down your chin. For a touch of dramatics, you can add a cheap cape, gold jewelry or fangs from a costume store. 

These costumes are very cheap and can be made with basic material found around your house. They can be very fun to make and can be personalized to your liking.

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