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3 tips for how to get involved at TJC

Tyler Junior College’s involvement fair is held bi-annually at the start of spring and fall semesters. For some students this was a way to get connected to the campus and to the surrounding businesses. At the recent fair, the booths of local organizations included student volunteers as well as faculty and administration.

The next involvement fair will take place in spring 2023, but that doesn’t mean those who didn’t attend have to wait to get involved. There are several ways to get involved on campus.

1) Join an organization

One way to not only get involved but also to find a friend group is to join an organization on campus. There are lots of organizations to choose from in different categories such as religious based organizations, or passion-project and major based ones. Some examples are religious clubs like the Baptist Student Ministry and the Baha’i Club, or some passion-project organizations such as the Green Committee and the International Game Developers Association. There are also lots of organizations based on majors such as the STEM Club or the Dental Studies Student Association.

Shelby Wood, an academic adviser for TJC, said, “I think joining an organization is 100% vital to really thriving in college.”

Being involved in an organization keeps one connected to campus life, it lets students be a part of homecoming events like the flag contest, and it allows students to find a group of like-minded peers.

“It really helps with finding a set group of friends,” Wood said. “You’re really getting to be a part of something real.”
In order to get involved in an organization, visit OrgSync and look for events and clubs that interest you.

2) Go to events

The student life organization on campus hosts free events throughout the semester. Some events include casino nights, trivia nights and other social events.

“With student life they do a lot of really amazing stuff going on like movie nights and game nights,” Wood said.

The events draw crowds both living on-campus and off, and can be a way to interact with people in a way that is more casual and easy-going
“You make your best friends going out to these events,” Juan Lesser, the student life specialist said.

Lesser encourages students who have a harder time meeting people to try going to these events first as the atmosphere is set up to be inviting and the activities are fun.

“Always go to an event. I always tell people look if you don’t like meeting new people just try it out, try going for 15 minutes before you bail,” Lesser said.

To learn more about student life events, follow TJCStudentlife on Instagram.

3) Stay informed

Staying informed about changes the TJC campus is going through, the events being held by different organizations and overall news is a way to stay connected to campus life. Students can stay informed by following the TJC social medias, reading the Drumbeat and by going to the Student Senate meetings. The TJC Student Senate is a group of student leaders who make changes and act as a voice for the students.

“We do get involved with all the organizations. We have that connection,” said Jesse Holguin executive vice president of the TJC Student Senate. “Going to senate meetings makes it easier to learn the campus and kind of what’s going on.”

Their meetings are open to everyone, and if someone is unable to attend, the meetings are livestreamed to Facebook through The DrumBeat. Meetings are held at 4 p.m. every Tuesday in Jenkins Hall Room J1109. For more information about Student Senate, follow TJCstudentsenate on Instagram.

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