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An Attitude of Service

The BSA Mentors Local TISD Students as part of the Community Service.
Story by: Stanley Payne


During Black History Month, the Black Students Association is reaching out to the community and the TJC students, to celebrate the ancestry of African Americans.

The BSA hosts many free student events throughout the year. In the month of February, in celebration of Black history month, the group will host a dance, a talent show and a dinner. All of the events are free for all students on campus.

“Community service is big for us because it shows that we take in but we also put out. The same way you help us we are going to help you,” said Markita Nickelberry, BSA president.

The Black Students Association prides its self in upholding the three promises of TJC.

1. Quality Education, 2. A Vibrant Student Life, 3. Community Service.

BSA strives to serve the community as well as TJC students. The BSA welcomes all races to be part of the organization.

“This is basically an organization for black students, but just because it’s the black students association doesn’t mean you have to be black to join,” said Nickelberry.

The BSA not only strives to serve the campus, but they also take part in community service off campus as well.

“Last fall, the BSA officers and our advisor, Regina Williams, volunteered with the Boys and Girls Club at a local park on Broadway. We helped at different booths for the kids in the Tyler community,” said Da’vonte Wade, BSA event coordinator.

The BSA, on top of volunteering here in the Tyler community, has also done community service projects in another state. During their visit to Atlanta Clark University, the BSA took its service attitude to Martin Luther King Street near the school.

“On all the other streets they are clean but that one was dirty, and no one would come and pick up the trash from that street, so we helped pick up the trash off the street,” said Nickelberry.

This group of students is not stopping there. With their event calendar filled, the organization has still made plans to volunteer off campus this spring.

“We will be doing meals on wheels this spring and we’ll be doing some community service during our Historical Black College University trip to Memphis, TN,” said Wade.

Community service in the organization benefits both, those that are being served and those that are serving.

“Community service not only gives us an opportunity to give back to the people in Tyler, but it helps us create a bond between all the members,” said Wade.

The BSA also teaches its members the importance of a business mind. They learn how to conduct interviews with business professionals in the Tyler community and abroad.

“The most influential thing that I’ve done would have to be going to the SBSLC (Southwestern Black Leadership Conference.) I networked with business professionals from all over the US and was able to make friends that could potentially turn into business partnerships,” said Kiara Ross, BSA member.

The BSA accepts all races of TJC students into their program. The organization meets on the first Thursday of each month. To Join the BSA, fill out an application in the student affairs office, located on the second floor of the Rogers Student Center.


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