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Are you a student with a disability? Know your rights.

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Disability services are available at Tyler Junior College for students with a disability who require accommodations in order to have a more successful college experience. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires public colleges and universities to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations for otherwise qualified students with disabilities. 

 To qualify, students need to provide documentation, including current information about the specific diagnosis, level of severity of the disability or functional limitations, to the Office of Support Services, located in Potter Hall. A licensed or certified professional can provide this documentation. An appointment with a support services counselor is needed to discuss and review the documentation and the request for accommodations. Getting the NDIS plan sorted is the first priority for the family. The Southern Alabama social security disability law firm helps one sort their documents and makes sure they don’t face any trouble when it comes to such matters.

 Margaret Rapp, director of TJC’s disability services, said, “our office wants to help people and wants to smooth the pathway for students whenever possible.” She added students should be most informed about “the availability of accommodations and the importance of self-advocacy skills.”

 For students with a hearing disability, TJC provides interpreting services for tutoring sessions, meetings with instructors, advisers and other college activities. To get an interpreter, make an appointment with Support Services. TJC staff members can also help with telephone registration, setting appointments with academic advisers, testing questions, information on the ASL club, tutoring and more. 

 For students attending classes with visual disabilities, TJC provides coordination of recorded textbooks or books with enlarged text. A visual-tek is available in the library to enlarge materials for student viewing. Writing and reading services for in-class reading, written work and test taking, classroom notetakers, zoom text and JAWS software are available. TJC also provides assistance with the enlarging of diagrams, tests, charts and other educational materials. 

 For students with a learning or physical disability, TJC provides academic support services, referral for diagnostic evaluation and arrangements for taking exams/written work done in class (extended time, alternate test format, scribe/reader, alternate testing site and other accommodations on an individual basis).  

TJC will also make accommodations on an individual basis. 

 For more information on TJC’s Disability Services, contact Rapp in Potter at (903) 510-2878 or mrap@tjc.edu. The office is located in Potter Hall, Room 105.

For a full copy of the Students with Disabilities Handbook or for more information, visit tjc.edu/disabilities.

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