Best from the worst: make study time count


By Oscar Lara

Guest Contributor

It’s 11:47 p.m.and your paper is due at midnight. Somehow you’ve managed to make excuses for the last two weeks to avoid doing your paper. You feel frustrated because you won’t be able to submit it to Canvas on time, and you know there is no other word to describe this behavior which is so common in college students, and some adults, other than procrastination.

Here is some advice that might help you to deal with this and get the best out of the worst.

Learn to say NO.

We all know that college implies a more active social life, because of different things, such as all the new people you meet, your suitemates, roommates and not to forget all of the activities on and off campus. Of course, all of these activities are super fun to do but they’re also super time consuming. Trust me, I know how hard it can be to say no to your friends, but you need to be mindful about one thing: You’re in college now. Nobody will help you manage your time, so if you don’t manage your own time, you’re pretty much screwed. So, next time friends ask you to go somewhere and you have school work to do, just take a breath and firmly say no.

Set a special time for school work.

Even though you may live on campus, that doesn’t mean all of your time is set to attend school related activities. So, my recommendation is to set an alarm every single day (maybe not on the weekends) and take an hour of your day, maybe two, just to work on your assignments. Try this for 1 month and I can assure that you will notice a positive change on your grades.

Turn your phone off.

Let’s be honest. How many hours a day do you spend texting? Is your Snapchat score better than your grades? Let’s face it, our phones are tremendous distractions, especially when we want to study, write a paper or work on an assignment. Even though it will be a great sacrifice, the benefit is greater, trust me. So next time you are willing to do school work, let your first step be to put your phone AWAY!

Take advantage of technology.

Technology is always trying to make things easier for us, inside and outside of college. Did you know there are mobile apps for Canvas and LearnSmart available for free? So, while you are waiting in line to buy Starbucks, sitting on the bus, on your flight back home or even when you are just sitting around doing nothing and your computer is too far away, just jump to the apps and start moving those assignments out of the way.

Being a college student should be an amazing experience, don’t let procrastination turn it into a living nightmare. Keep this in mind, you can always make the best out of the worst.