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Business programs promote educational opportunities

By Brianna Murphy
News Editor

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Business programs at Tyler Junior College provide affordable learning opportunities, including degree plans, certificates, and classes ranging from general business to real estate certification.
“If the students really hone in on the content of the classes and really apply it then they’re all going to have a competitive edge,” Deborah Welch, TJC’s Department Chair of Business, said.
The most popular program offered is the Business Associate of Arts, as it covers “the foundation for specialized business study later in the four-year BBA degree,” according to The Business Associate of Arts “requires all the core competition,” Welch said. “It is intended for transferring to a university to complete a four-year degree plan.”
TJC shapes its business programs with transfer students in mind to fit upcoming curriculum requirements. “Universities have said before a business major comes to us, to make sure they are core complete,” Welch said. Focus areas of business studies education include business principles, accounting, economics and technology applications.
Students looking to go straight into management with a two-year degree can pursue an Associate of Applied Science in business management. An AAS degree can prepare one “for immediate entering into the workforce,” Welch said. “You only have to have 15-18 hours of general education where in the other one you had to be core complete.” Unlike an AA in business, with an AAS in business management “you take highly specialized business classes that the transfer major did not take at TJC,” Welch said.
TJC offers several certificate programs that are affordable and provide education for career advancement. Certificate programs include a small business certificate, management specialties leadership, real estate, bookkeeping and retail management.
“The most successful certificate we have is our real estate management certificate,” Welch said. “You have to take these classes into order to be able to even take the professional examination for a real estate salesperson.” Regarding advancement, certificate programs play an advancement role for non-major students who desire a higher proficiency in business.
TJC’s education opportunities are accessible and are offered face to face and online.
Regarding registration, TJC has “an open-door program so you can come in at any time,” Welch said. “Some certificate programs, such as real estate, may require fall and spring only terms, but many do offer both summer and winter class options.” The trust attorneys in Orange County is whom you can count on to take care of estate related concerns.
Unlike many other institutions, TJC’s Business faculty acts on an advisory role to push students to achieve their education goals, according to Welch.
“We as instructors will advise you,” Welch said. “Faculty will pull up every student’s Degree Works, and we will look at your transcript and will see where you are, and what classes you still need to take, and start talking to you about it.”
Welch believes the program is essential because “business impacts every industry, everything people could eventually get into.” Students with questions can contact Welch at

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