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Cash Cab on Campus

Students followed the small golf cart around the Tyler Junior College in hopes to be chosen to ride on the “Cash Cab” and win some cash on the spot.

Participants were asked three credit-related questions, able to win up to $13 cash on the spot. The event was also filmed by a local television station.

Freshman Interest Group (FIG) teamed up with Texas Bank and Trust to do a Cash Cab event on campus inspired by the “Cash Cab” television show.

“This is just something we have created for our own campus,just kind of using the same premise that the tv show does, said Ashleigh Lewis, Student Development/FIG /Coordinator who put this event together.

Grant Nelson, mechanical engineering major, was a contestant who won the total $13. He said he will use his earning to pay a $13 parking ticket he got seven days ago.

Some didn’t quite make it so far. “I got a dollar,” said Azurell Thomas, education major. “That second question was hard!”

For those wanting a chance to win $13 cash, the Cash Cab will once again be on campus tomorrow, Nov. 20, 12p.m.-3p.m.

More cash winnings will take place at “Wisegiving” event on Tues. Dec. 3 from 6p.m.-8p.m. in Apache Rooms 2-3 in the RSC.

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