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College Cooking: Homemade chocolate chip banana ice cream

Taylor Tallant

Staff Writer

Instead of settling for the cheap college kid diet, I am challenged by what I can cook in my dorm room that is both nutritious and affordable.

I have to admit it, I have the biggest sweet tooth. My favorite dessert is anything with chocolate, and then more chocolate. In an effort to satisfy my chocolate cravings while maintaining a healthy diet, I discovered a delicious recipe that does both.

I call it: Homemade chocolate chip banana ice cream. The ingredients include:



-Nut butter


-Chocolate chips

Cooking instructions:

  1. Remove banana peel and mush banana with a fork

2. Mix in milk, nut butter, syrup, and chocolate chips until desired tast

3. Freeze mixture for one to two hours


All of these ingredients can be found in the cafeteria. Make sure you pace yourself though, or else they might notice when all the bananas disappear.

This scrumptious sweet treat takes seconds to mix together and about an hour and a half to freeze. That gives you plenty of time to grab a fresh sandwich from Subway with the peace of mind that dessert awaits.

Although this delicious delicacy can be made with two percent milk, sugar-filled syrup, and milk chocolate chips, I decided to take the challenge even further. Desiring to fuel my body with the healthiest cuisines, even when it comes to dessert, I found this recipe to be just as tasty with alternative ingredients that have less sugar, less calories and more nutrients. For example, substituting the sugary syrup located at the pancake and waffle bar for the organic agave syrup found by the coffee. I discovered that all of these ingredients can be found in a healthier option while satisfying the same sweet tooth.

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