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College Cooking: Spinach egg breakfast sandwich

Taylor Tallant

Staff Writer

Striving to eat healthier, I am challenged by what I can cook with only a microwave and a toaster.

Living on a college budget does not make it any easier. A bag of ramen noodles costs 40 cents versus a bundle of bananas that costs $2. When it comes to creating nutritious concoctions, I understand that I will have to sacrifice more financially versus settling for the all-inclusive mystery meat in the cafeteria.

With that being said, I have learned how utilize my resources. The cafeteria provides a plethora of healthy ingredients; however, the challenge is knowing how to incorporate them in a hearty way. For example, instead of buying a loaf of wheat bread from Walmart, why not swipe a few slices from the TJC cafeteria? I am paying for a meal plan, why not make the most out of it?

My first nutritious special is a spinach egg breakfast sandwich. The ingredients include:

-Wheat bread





Following the recipe, I ran into a problem: I do not have a stove, a skillet, or a spatula for crying out loud.

But, I do have a microwave and a toaster. After a few YouTube videos, I learned how to scramble eggs in a microwave, and voilà.

My spinach egg breakfast sandwich was affordable, healthy, and delicious. Don’t get me wrong, mom’s would have tasted 10 times better, but I consider it a success.

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