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Community Life at Wesley House

Quanae Miller

Student Life Editor

Wesley House is a mystery to most students on TJC campus. Though Wesley is located in close proximity to the main campus, students that aren’t affiliated with the Wesley House don’t usually venture to that side of the street.

Darrell Thomas, Wesley House RA, says that Wesley is accepting, full of a great group of people and it’s a great way to make friends. There is always something going on at Wesley. They tend to make their dorm life lively and host activities that bring people closer to God while also being fun.

On Mondays Wesley has a “free” day. They hold an event but it changes week to week. They may grill or watch a movie.

They have Bible study between their two buildings at 10:30 A.M. and 11:30 A.M. on Tuesdays while free lunch is going which starts at 11 A.M. and ends at 1 P.M. or until they run out of food.

Kaetlin Spencer, Wesley House RA, and two other RAs host What-A-Wednesday Bible Study. They gather at Whataburger, order food, and sit down and discuss how the Bible applies to everyday life and how teachings in the Bible can help get you through (rough times at) college.

Thursdays they have a ministry service for college students at Fairwood United Methodist Church. They hold a small Bible Study at the beginning of the meeting and then play games and eat.

On Sundays most of the residents at Wesley attend church at Fairwood. There is a bus that comes to Wesley House to pick up students for church around 9:30 A.M.

Wesley also has outreach programs. They will soon be heading down to Houston to do a mission trip there to help with relief and supplies needed.

Thomas said, “When you walk into Wesley people are always saying hello and there’s always something going on. Though some of the dorms are a lot nicer than Wesley the vibe when you come in is different.”

Wesley offers students a different type of college experience. There are people out of there rooms and hanging out in the courtyard. You see the same people everyday and with all of the events they host you’re able to interact with your peers more than in regular dorm life.

Though Wesley House is a Christian dorm, you don’t have to be Christian to live there or to take part in their activities. Spencer said, “Wesley House is like a family and if anyone wants to be a part of that family we’re very welcoming.”

If any students are interested in living at Wesley House next semester you can fill out an application at or give them a call at 903-592-3866.

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