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Taking dance class could not only benefit students social life, but their professional life as well.

“Girls find it attractive and it’s easier to start a conversation,” said Clayton Adams, sophomore student at Tyler Junior College. Prior to attending TJC, Adams attended Tarleton State University in Stephenville, where he found his passion for dancing.

“It’s a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night and meet people and hanging out with friends,” said Adams.

While dancing may make a guy more enticing to girls, it may also enhance his appeal as an employee. Before going into a professional occupation, there may be limited opportunities to attend an event with traditional formal dancing. Even at proms and weddings, it is usually acceptable to break out the YMCA and the Electric Slide- however, it may not go over well at a company dinner or banquet. 

Being able to dance in a professional manner with a partner shows he has decorum and self-assurance, desirable qualities in an employee according to Ryan Harrigan, head cheer coach at TJC.

“I think if you’re in college, you’re working to be in a more professional setting afterward,” said Harrigan. “I mean you got business dinners and things like that where dancing is usually kind of encouraged … I feel like it would be less awkward if [dancing] was something you were taught how to do … where you can get up in a professional setting and be able to waltz or dance in a way that’s fitting for that occasion.”

7784587f-d36c-4304-a2e5-01cbf9e6ebd5While Harrigan thinks of dancing as a cultured ability that can set people apart from others, he also thinks it’s a great way to cut loose and have fun. Everyone loves busting out with “The Carlton” when the situation calls for it.

“It’s a good way to have fun and hang out with your friends, pick up the ladies, sometimes,” said Harrigan.

TJC’s School of Continuing Studies offers a dance class that provides a relaxed environment to learn to dance. If students are beginners, there is no pressure to be perfect or worry about getting it right on the first try.

“People come in here thinking ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I have two left feet’,” said Chelsea Korkmas, TJC dance instructor of 25 years. “If you can count to four and know your right from your left, you’re going to do fine.”

Located in Ornelas HEP/Rec Center on TJC main campus, the dance class ranges from 10-40 students and focuses on the idea that everybody is there to learn. Korkmas, along with four others who help her instruct, are friendly and vibrant.

“It’s great exercise, it’s a great way to meet people, it gives you confidence you know … a lot of folks get a lot out of it by just learning a new skill,” said Korkmas. 

The class meets once a week over a four week period and can be taken with a partner or solo. More information on Dance Classes, visit TJC’s School of Continuing Studies can be found online or by calling903-510-2900 .

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